Welcome to Inform!

Welcome to Inform! The purpose of this site is to illustrate the importance in science news but breaking it down in a format that allows all sorts of readers to understand the concepts and get the best from the news.

I’m Nathan, founder and content creator for Inform. I’m a high school science and maths teacher with a Bachelor of Science (biomedical science extended major; biotechnology major; anatomy and physiology minor) and a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (biology; science 21, earth and environmental science; maths).

As a teacher, we try to look for news stories and articles that can be presented in the classroom to make the content more current and relevant. I really enjoyed doing research on articles and expanding my scientific understanding during the process so I decided to make something of it. And here we are!

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be experimenting with the types of content that I write up as well as how I will deliver it. Be it short articles similar to those on Facebook and Instagram, larger more in depth articles or audio podcasts talking about science related articles. We might even get some guests writing articles, opinions pieces or Q&A on their life with science.

Looking forward to writing content for your enjoyment and would love to hear feedback. Make sure, you stay informed!

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