Countering the Effects of Aging!

Scientists have recently announced that they’ve potentially found a naturally occurring compound that could be used to counter age-associated physical changes in humans. So far though, it only appears to work in ageing mice.

The compound called Nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN is a nucleotide that is formed from ribose and nicotinamide, and is a form of vitamin B3. It can be found in specific types of fish and animal meats, peanuts, mushrooms, green peas, sunflower seeds and avocados. The reason why NMN was used was because it is an important intermediate in the formation of NAD+ and was found to increase the production of NAD+ in the mice models. NAD+ or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme (works with other enzymes) in all living cells that decreases oxidative stress within the body; oxidative stress is a part of the ageing process. The levels of this naturally declines with age.
Graphical Abstract_Mills et al_sized

The study involved a 12 month cycle of administering NMN orally to mice during their normal ageing process.During this time, it was found that “NMN suppressed age-associated body weight gain, enhanced energy metabolism, promoted physical activity, improved insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid profile, and ameliorated eye function and other pathophysiologies.” This was accomplished with no obvious signs of toxicity or damage occurring to the mice. During the study, it was also found that theses effects only occurred in the older mice with lower levels of NAD+ and not in the younger mice that were still producing enough NAD+.

This study highlights the effects of NMN in the therapeutic and preventative potential of NAD+ intermediates as an intervention in the ageing process in humans. Human trials of NMN use will be performed in Japan soon with there being no commercial form NMN for human consumption. For now, you’re going to have to eat right.


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