Aerodynamics And Why Paper Planes Flies!

One of the many little hobbies I enjoyed while growing up (and still some times now) is making paper planes. Friends would come to school with new designs that they had found in books and occasionally, if they were super rich, from online. How in the world do these gravity defying pieces of paper did it though? Let's look into it.

Everyone Around The World Knows The Shape Of The Earth. Right?

There are a number of people who are making the claim that the Earth is flat and the once quiet group is now making more of a social impression. To think that we have gotten to this stage of our existence with doubt around the shape of the planet is concerning. This is a negative reflection of the education system and, as someone who is apart of that system, it speaks magnitudes to how poorly we've been able to provide and explain the evidence. Let's look into this further.

The Rad Side Of Radiation!

There are a lot of negative thoughts associated with the term radiation; definitely when thrown around in the media. What is radiation and how is it everywhere all of the time. Read more on it here!